Welcome to ArtistPool

This is a group-share marketing opportunity for artists who are looking to grow their fanbase at an affordable monthly rate without the marketing hassle. All of the monthly funds raised will go towards marketing the artists' selected ArtistPool. It's like carpooling, but for marketing. The more artists in the ArtistPool, the bigger the monthly marketing budget becomes, giving everyone significantly more reach. 

Artists are free to enroll for as long as they wish. 

As part of this service, artists will receive:

- Marketing in the ArtistPool genre of their choosing

- Marketing via Instagram stories, posts, Facebook Ads, and email blasts (2,300+ subscribers)

- Free monthly song submissions for all TAC playlists for the song(s) they place in an ArtistPool

(Note: playlist submissions are a free, added bonus)

Click one of the ArtistPool genres below to apply.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.