Anthem Ambassador ELITE

We know it can be tough making a living from music, so here’s an opportunity for you to generate a side income, without sacrificing your time or creative energy!


Here’s how it works: 

All you have to do is share your personal experience as an ArtistPooler with other artists and refer them to join ArtistPool.  If they join, you get paid.  



  • You make money helping other artists grow their careers

  • You can choose to receive payments via PayPal/Venmo OR you can put them towards your next Launch or Private Marketing campaign

  • The more artists you recruit to your ArtistPool genre, the bigger your personal music marketing reach becomes.  Win win.



  • For every artist you recruit, we will pay you 1 month of your ArtistPool marketing rate, up to $30 total per recruited artist.  For example, if you are marketing 3 songs in ArtistPool, every new artist you recruit (that stays for at least 3 months), will make you $30 (Note: these are one-time payments, not residual).

  • Any artist you refer to ArtistPool MUST include your Artist name in the ‘referred by’ section for it to count towards you

  • Recruited artists must be an ArtistPooler for at least 3 months in order for you to qualify to receive your payment

  • You need at least 2 songs in ArtistPool to qualify to become an Anthem Ambassador 

  • Payouts are initiated after you reach a $50 threshold


Example: If you are paying $30 per month for your personal ArtistPool marketing, and you recruit 10 artists to join ArtistPool for at least 3 months, you will receive a $300 payment via PayPal/Venmo, OR you may choose to put that money towards a Launch or Private Marketing. 

Please fill out the form below for consideration and include a completed copy of your W-9 for tax purposes. 

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