Anthem Gold 
8 spots available (limit: 10 artists)

TAC’s ultimate marketing push — for the artists who are ready to level up. 


With Anthem Gold, you gain the full weight of The Anthem Collective. 1-2 marketing experts on our team will personally take a deep dive into your current audience data to create a strategic marketing plan tailored specifically to your career.  Think brand consult, but on steroids. (Don't do drugs, kids)


After assessing the data, you will be asked to choose where you’d like to specifically focus your marketing growth (ex: Spotify, Youtube, Facebook, TikTok, etc.) and then the team will create, test, run, and manage all your custom marketing campaigns within your ad accounts.  Note: this isn’t just a one-and-done type thing.  Those same team members will continue to monitor your ads each week and follow up with a monthly call, with the goal of consistently leveling up your career.  The music game is a marathon, not a sprint, so consistency is key!



⁃You must be ready and excited to invest in your career financially.

⁃Your music must be approved by the review team.

⁃Depending on your marketing goals, you may need music/lyric videos for Youtube.

-You will need to create Facebook and Google Ads manager accounts. (if unsure, we'll walk you through the process)


$750/month minimum (everything above $500 goes towards your custom ad campaigns) Example: if you paid $1000 per month, $500 would go directly toward your marketing campaign.

See artist examples here.

Anthem Gold Signup - ($50 downpayment)

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30,000+ Monthly Spotify Listeners

"The Anthem Collective is our go-to for everything marketing, and Anthem Gold has been an absolute GAME CHANGER starting out as a new band.  We can’t recommend them enough!"

Punch Parade

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240,000+ Monthly Spotify Listeners

"We've worked with TAC for a little over a year now, and there's really no going back.  Everything's so much easier when we don't have to think about the marketing aspects at all.  Just release the music and they get it heard!"

Mass Anthem