Anthem Worship

We've officially launched our Anthem Worship collective, and we're looking for talented worship artists to collaborate with!  If you make full-band worship (studio and/or live), worship pop, and worship acoustic (originals english songs only), we'd love to consider you for a collab!

Why collaborate?

There's a reason why you see the biggest artists in the world across all genres (Ed Sheeran, Justin Bieber, Elevation Worship & Maverick City Music, etc.) constantly collaborating with and featuring other established artists, and that's because 'long lasting cross promotions' (aka collabs) are the easiest and fastest way for artists to share each other's audiences and grow their fanbases!  Collaborations with established artists are the most advanced and effective form of music marketing.  


Here's a few reasons to collaborate with Anthem Worship.

1) Your release is marketed across the full TAC Playlist Network (over 100k+ playlist followers)

2) In addition to Anthem Worship, your release is collaborated and shared across Mass Anthem's full audience, which includes 250k-300k+ monthly Spotify listeners (majority US-based)22,000+ Spotify followers (growing at about 10-15 per day), 70,000+ FB followers, 10,000+ YT followers, plus established audiences across other platforms such as Apple Music/Amazon Music/etc. 

4) The Anthem Marketing team runs additional marketing campaigns to further push these collaboration songs/projects. 

Bonus: Mass Anthem consistently lands music on the Spotify Editorial and Algorithmic playlists!  Some of the past and current adds include: Happy Hits, Wake Up Happy, Christian Dance Party, Hits UP, Love Coffee Love Jesus, Sunday Funday, Rejoice For Summer, Pop Right Now, New Music Friday Christian, etc., plus significant Radio (140k+ monthly listeners), Daily Mix (15k+ monthly listeners), Discover Weekly (8k+ monthly listeners), and Release Radar reach.  Mass Anthem's music is currently on 58k+ user Spotify playlists across the world.

MEANING, this is an wildy effective marketing strategy to grow your ideal audience and artist reputation, without committing to a long-term artist deal with a record label.

Check out our previous collaboration RESULTS!



1) You must already have a worship demo/fully produced song in the works that you can send us for consideration/approval that you think is a great fit, OR you may also send us a song in its very early stages, and if we think it's got potential, our team of artists and writers will work with you to get it finished up and released.

2) Our team is only looking to collaborate with artists/bands who are serious and passionate about their music and careers, and not just looking for a one-and-done type release.  Thus, we usually look to see that you're already a released artist with a decent platform built up that shows you're serious.  (However, if you're a brand new, unreleased artist and the songs a bop and you've got some mad talent, definitely send that thing.)

Creation Expenses:

You (the featured artist/band) are responsible for all expenses relating to: production (including all demos, mixing, and mastering), album cover art, and recording and producing necessary video content for the marketing stage.  NOTE: TAC approval is required in every aspect of this collaboration, so the higher the quality up front, the less changes on the backend!) 

Expenses Note:

We require that the cover art be created through our in-house Graphic Design Team via the Anthem Agency.  We may also recommend our go-to producers/mixing engineers/mastering engineers if needed, as well as videographers.

The process: 

1) Send in your form below and the team will review your song, current releases, platforms, and brand as a whole. 

2) If approved, you'll receive an email to schedule a zoom call and go over all the fun details relating to contracts, release timeline, marketing strategies, and anything else relevant.  If you are not approved, you will receive an email regarding the non-approval. 

3) Once approved and in agreement, LET THE FUN BEGIN. 🎉


There are two payment options for this advanced marketing collaboration.

Option 1: You pay $1500 (less $50 down payment) and TAC owns 100% of the master. 

Option 2: You pay $2500 (less $50 down payment) and TAC owns 75% of the master, and you retain 25% of the streaming/purchase revenue generated for the lifetime of the work. 

NOTE:  This is our most expensive marketing feature because it's our most valuable marketing feature!  We are only looking for the highest quality music in terms of lyrics, vocal performance, and production, so only submit for this if you truly believe in your project and sound and want to invest in your career, because not every submission will be approved.  We make this a paid, non-refundable $50 submission so that only the artists and bands who are truly serious and confident and committed submit.


If you aren't approved, it's not a 'no forever', it just means 'no' to this particular song or project.  You are more than welcome to submit again with another song in the future! 

Anthem Worship Collaboration Submission

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