Welcome to ArtistPool

 This is a group marketing opportunity for artists who are looking to grow their fanbase at an affordable yearly rate, without the marketing hassle.  All of the funds raised are 'pooled' together to market artists in similar genres at once.  It's like carpooling, but for marketing. 

NOTE: ArtistPool is best for artists who frequently release new music or have at least 5 quality songs of that genre already in their catalog.  We strongly encourage artist to SWAP their songs out every 2-3 months, via Song Swap.


- Your song(s) are marketed 24/7 to your ideal audience across Youtube, Apple Music, Spotify, Instagram, and Facebook (we choose where to push based on best results)

- Your music is pitched to and placed by TAC's growing network of industry friends and curators.

- You can swap out old songs with new releases at any time, free of charge, via Song Swap, which means new music gets heard immediately!

- The more artists that join, the bigger the marketing reach becomes for everyone.

NOTE: You are free to cancel at any point, but there are no refunds offered after marketing begins. 

Fill out this form to be considered for the ArtistPool! You may market up to 3 songs total! After filling out the form, select a pricing option below.

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Through artist pool I’ve not only seen solid organic growth and an up-tick in streams with my content, but I’ve also met artists with similar visions and callings as myself and formed a unique community of like minded artists. How could it be better? Marketing that works and new friends!



I love working with TAC! The pools are worth it. I always enjoy my interactions with them and they care about us as artists a lot. I’ve built some great friendships with other artists and I’ve even had a few fans come and find me from their playlists. This is definitely a family you want to get in on!

Jake Fretz.jpg


One of the best decisions I made as an emerging indie artist was partnering with the TAC team. Opportunities like ArtistPool, make marketing accessible and the results are measurable. Best yet, this creative crew continues to improve on how they share music which means my experience as an artist keeps getting better. Thanks TAC for finding creative and accessible ways for us to connect with new audiences, couldn’t do it without you.