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If you have lots of great music released on Spotify but it isn’t performing well, then before you go and invest money and time into writing and producing MORE new music, consider the fact that you likely don’t have a “music quantity” problemYou have a music MARKETING problem.  And we designed ArtistPool to be an easy and affordable solution.  

Here's the secret to Spotify success: The SINGLE most valuable thing you can do to grow on Spotify is to get your music on relevant playlists that fit your genre really really well.  Then you just need to stay on them long enough that your music gets associated with your ideal Similar Artists and ideal Listeners.  If you can do that, it’s only a matter of time before the Spotify algorithm steps in, takes all that accumulated data, and boosts it to the right audiences.  


This is EXACTLY what we built ArtistPool to do: trigger the Spotify algorithm.  You submit a song, and once approved, our team pitches it to our Playlist Network and works to keep it consistently placed on ideal genre playlists over the course of a year.  Which means you don’t have to do any cold instagram reach-outs to curators, and you can even swap out your song for new releases at any time, for FREE, via our Song Swap/Launch portal. 


Check out the ArtistPool testimonials below (click here)!


We've tested this out over the past 2.5 years, and we’ve grown artists from literally zero (BRAND spanking new) to 10k+ monthly listeners, from 2k+ monthly listeners to 80k+ monthly listeners, taken projects from 50k monthly streams to 250k+ monthly streams, and even projects that artists had given up on because they were “old” have been given new streaming life.  And all of that began with ArtistPool helping trigger the algorithm. (Check out the official Case Study results referenced above, HERE.)


- You can swap out old songs with new releases at any time, free of charge, via Song Swap, which means new music gets heard immediately!

- Your music is consistently pitched to and placed by TAC's privately curated Spotify playlist network with 150k+ followers

- Consistent streaming to your ideal audience across many playlists has proven to trigger algorithmic streams on platforms like Spotify, boosting monthly listeners, followers, and revenue.

- You're able to see exactly which playlists you've been successfully added to within Spotify For Artists and how many streams have resulted from these playlists.

- You gain new listeners every month, and streaming bots pose no threats. Win win. 


Q: What genres do you support? 

A: Our playlist network has over 150k+ REAL followers and listeners across these genre:  Christian (CCM/Worship/Christian Pop/Spanish Christian), Pop, Indie, Country, and more, and we focus primarily in the CCM and Worship genres.  


Q: Does your playlist network use bots? 

A: Heck-to-the-no.  We’ve never had an artist flagged for fake streams, and we never will.  Only real listeners and fans here!  


1) We encourage artists to SWAP their songs out every 3-6 months, via Song Swap/Launch.

2) You are free to cancel at any point, but there are no refunds offered after marketing begins. 

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