Welcome to ArtistPool

 This is a group marketing opportunity for artists who are looking to grow their fanbase at an affordable monthly rate, without the marketing hassle.  All of the funds raised are 'pooled' together to market artists in similar genres at once.  It's like carpooling, but for marketing. 


- Your song(s) are marketed 24/7 to your ideal audience across Youtube, Apple Music, Spotify, Instagram, and Facebook

- Your music is pitched to and placed by TAC's growing network of industry friends and curators

- Artists can swap out old songs with new releases at any time, free of charge, via Song Swap, which means new music gets heard immediately!

- Artists lock in their monthly rate for as long as they stay in an ArtistPool, even as the price increases

- There is no time commitment.  Artists are free to market for as long as they choose.

- The more artists that join, the bigger the marketing reach becomes for everyone.


Click one of the ArtistPool genres below to apply.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.