This page is here to answer all of your frequently asked questions!

Can I swap out my current song(s) in an ArtistPool for my new release(s)?

Absolutely! We highly encourage you swap out your older songs for your new releases. Our audience is always hungry for fresh music and we want to provide you with the easiest opportunity to market your future releases! 

What if I join an ArtistPool but down the road I want to jump out?

If it any point you want to end your subscription marketing plan, just email or DM us and we'll get it taken care of!  Easy as that.

How does TAC market my music?

We have 3 different marketing features (ArtistPool, Launch, and Private Marketing) that market your music across Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, email blasts (2300+ subscribers), ad campaigns, Apple Music, and Spotify!  (Note: playlist placements are a free, added bonus.  You are not paying for playlist placements.)