Got questions?  We've got answers.

How do you market my music?

For starters, we specialize in Spotify Promotion.  It’s sorta our thing.  We have 3 different marketing features (ArtistPool, Launch, and Advanced Marketing) that involve pitching your music to our Private Spotify Playlist Network of 150k+ followers (growing by 3k-5k per month), and our most advanced options even include running private custom advertisements on your behalf.  On top of that, our features also include an email blast and day-of IG story/post, and we offer add-ons to market your music across Youtube, or schedule a 1-on-1 deep dive call with our A-team! 

Does your playlist network use bots or anything like that?  I don’t want my music flagged and taken down.

HECK no.  We only market reputable artists to REAL fans across the world, and we’ve never had an artist flagged for artificial streaming.  Stay away from those bots. 🤖 *bleep bleep bloop*

What other artists have you worked with?

Short answer: a lot.  Head over to our IG page @theanthemcollective and do some scrolling! 

Can I swap out my current song(s) in an ArtistPool for my new release(s)?

Absolutely! We highly encourage you to swap out your older songs for your new releases, via our Song Swap portal. Our audience is always hungry for fresh music and we want to provide you with the easiest opportunity to market your future releases! 

What if I join an ArtistPool but down the road I want to jump out?

If you're in the Yearly or Monthly marketing pool and at any point you want to end your subscription marketing plan, just email or DM us and we'll get it taken care of!  Easy peasy.

Can I work with you if I work with another marketing company?

Yessiree!  It will be trickier to track your progress with more “cooks in the kitchen”, but many of our artists do it, and it can be an effective strategy to get marketing pushes on multiple fronts.