How to land Spotify’s Editorial Playlists??

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

The infamous editorials. If you’re unfamiliar, the editorial playlists are run by Spotify’s personal curating team and are the most coveted playlists by artists around the world. Why? Because if you can land a song or two on an editorial, you’ll see the streams and followers (aka money) start to pour in, since they typically have enormous followings (like 6 to 7 figures)!

We experienced the power of the editorials first-hand when our band Mass Anthem landed two singles on an editorial playlist called Happy Hits, and it took those two songs from under 100k streams to over 5 million streams (EACH) in under a year. And at an average of $.003 per stream, you do the math why the editorials are a game changer.

Do the stars need to align to land an editorial? It may feel like it, and it’s by no means easy, but no. You do, however, need to give your songs a fighting chance by doing a few things:

1) Make sure your music can compete with the best in your genre.

Only the highest of quality get selected for the editorials. We can't stress this enough. If you need help taking your music to the next level, hire yourself a great producer. And if you need help finding one, hit us up for some recommendations here!

2) Plan ahead when pitching to editorials via Spotify for Artists.

Be sure to allow at least 4 to 8 weeks between pitching your music to the Spotify editorials and your release date. Last we heard, Spotify receives over 40,000 song submissions daily, so if you’re cutting your pitching/release deadlines close (like 3 weeks or less), there’s a good chance your music isn’t being heard or considered. It pays to plan ahead (literally)!

3) Market your music.

Editorial playlists often add songs that are already gaining traction on their own. Think of Spotify like a ladder. Your new release starts at the bottom rung, and the better your music performs (measured by streams, shares, saves, and likes) the higher up the ladder it will climb, leading to bigger and better playlists. And the more reputable you become as an artist, the easier and faster that process becomes.

If you can get your music traction on listener playlists, you’ll likely start to see streams from the algorithmic playlists, and if all goes well, the editorials. One great way to do this (that's FREE) is to search for listener playlists in your genre and then pitch them your song via social media. It can be a tedious process, but it's a great place to start!

Of course, if you'd rather focus on making the music and hire a team that does this kind of stuff every day, we'd love to consider you for our private marketing here.

We hope these tips are helpful! Our goal at TAC is to help you, the artist, get your music heard!


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