Anthem Silver

We oversee a 1, 2, or 3 month marketing campaign pushing up to 3 of your songs to your ideal audience via Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, ad campaigns, email blasts (2300+ subscribers), Apple Music, and Spotify (wherever we can get you the best results!).

**Our experience shows at least 2 months is the ideal marketing timeframe. This is the exact same plan we used for Punch Parade's campaign. See graph listed below. 

Package Options: 

$349 One Month Push

$549 Two Month Push (Recommended)

$799 Three Month Push

There is a nonrefundable downpayment of $25, which will be subtracted from the total if your song submission is approved.

Example: Punch Parade.

Pre-marketing push: 200 daily streams; 2,000 monthly listeners.

Results: 2,000+ daily streams; 20,000+ monthly listeners.

Note: Campaign results will vary per artist and genre.

Anthem Silver Application

Add-on features:

We create and publish a custom video of your song on our official Youtube channel and share it to the Mass Anthem FB account (140k+ followers), and we use the funds to market it to your ideal audience. Expected YT view count: 7k-15k+ views (results may vary per genre). We include links to your Spotify and Apple Music profiles.

Coupon code and further instructions will be emailed after submission.


What can a ‘Deep Dive’ cover? All of this (and more!):

1. Branding - Name/Look/Sound/Short term and long term strategies, etc.

2. Business Practices - LLC setup, Website Tips/Building, Email Lists and Strategies, Record Labels, Showcase Strategies, Live Show Strategies, etc.

3. Social Media - TikTok, Youtube, IG, FB, Content Creation, Strategies, etc.

4. Spotify Analytics - We dive into your Spotify data and help you develop an effective marketing strategy based off your specific audience data.

5. Touring/Booking Shows - Where to get started based on your situation, creating an EPK, emailing process, how to find shows, etc.

6. Anything else you’re interested in!

The fine writers at The Daily Strumble will publish a creative article about you and your new release (with link to your music), and release it to their audience (plus we'll share it, of course). Note: they are a satirical/entertainment news source, so the article will be funny/dramatic/entertaining and 100% unique from any other traditional write-up online!

Thanks for submitting!