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Spotify Growth Machine

Available Early 2023

Accelerate your Spotify growth with Playlists, FB ads, Algorithm Hacking, Spotify Cheat Codes, and an easy-to-follow game plan.


Wouldn’t it be nice to be done with searching and DM’ing curators for free playlist adds?  Or what if you could quit spending money on companies like Playlist Push and Submit Hub, because you can get your music heard YOURSELF?  What if you got excited to check your music streaming stats every week, because you KNOW fans are listening??

How much MORE fun would it be to:


  • release a new song, and get tons of immediate streams from your OWN Spotify playlists that you control with REAL listeners.


  • trigger the Spotify algorithm whenever you want, gaining tons of free streams and fans


  • grow your Spotify profile and playlists so much that other artists start emailing and DM’ing YOU for playlisting and collaborations


  • have a huge and passionate audience that you can leverage for incredible publishing deals, management and label deals, collaborations, and more!


  • have your social medias (IG specifically) naturally start growing with real fans as a side effect of your Spotify success


  • have a music career that is actually profitable and FUN that funds and grows itself like a well oiled machine!

Now is a great time to learn how to grow and make money on Spotify.  After 2.5 years creating and using the methods in this course, we've grown our personal bands Mass Anthem and Punch Parade to a combined 15M+ Spotify streams per year, we've grown a playlist network to over 150k+ followers, we've helped nearly 1,000 artists grow and get their music heard, and we feel safe to confidently teach you the exact process.  The advantage that you have is that you'll get results WAY faster, because there is no guesswork whatsoever!

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The 'Spotify Growth Machine' Course Includes:

1. How Spotify Works

  • The business

  • Spotify for Consumers

  • Spotify for Artists (including HOW artists get paid and HOW to increase how much you get paid)

2. Playlists 101

  • The different types and how they work

  • Full setup and walkthrough of the top 4 playlists every artist NEEDS to have

  • How to grow playlists FAST (including how to grow HUGE playlists for FREE, and how to use Facebook and Instagram ads)

3. Ad Content Creation

  • WHAT types of ad content to create for FB/IG playlist/music ads and HOW to create them

4. FB Ads Manager

  • Full setup and walkthrough

5. FB Traffic and Conversion Ad Campaigns

  • Full walkthrough and setup of each (SUPER detailed)

6. Monitoring and Tracking Performance

  • How to make sure things work WELL (includes FREE tracking templates)

7. Retargeting Audiences

  • How to use performance data to grow your audience even FASTER and CHEAPER

8. Marketing WITHIN Spotify (HIGHLY recommended)

  • Marquee walkthrough and setup

  • Ad studio walkthrough and setup

9. Spotify Cheat Codes

  • All our top Tips, Tricks, Hacks, and Loop Holes that we've discovered within Spotify, including how to grow playlists for FREE (this is literally worth the price of the course by itself)

10. Spotify Growth Playbook

  • An easy-to-follow game plan to use all of this course information to accelerate your Spotify growth, starting wherever you are at (even for FREE)

​11. FAQ

  • We answer all your questions BEFORE you even know to ask them 


12. Course Assets

  • All course links, PDFs, Templates, and additional resources

  • Also includes Deals, Discounts, and Opportunities ONLY AVAILABLE for course members


  • Free intro into our Youtube Growth Machine course (HIGHLY recommended)

NOTE: Includes lifetime course access (which includes all updates) and lifetime access to our community of artists just like you, where you’ll be able to ask questions and interact with us and the community.

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